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Wow...five songs from Aenima, four from Lateralus, arguably the best two songs from 10,000 Days and one semi-rare but awesome gem from Undertow, and yet we still have people bitching. Why am I not surprised, though?

And to whomever said the set list was short for the money they are charging...get a clue, bro! First of all, these songs are quite long - any real fan would know that (or maybe this person is just lurking and posting randomly once in a while when they think they have something smart to say?). The official combined album length of the songs in this set is nearly eighty minutes long. Add a few minutes for the multiple extended versions that were played, take away a few because (-) Ions is four minutes long on album and they probably don't play the full length version live, and you still have nearly a ninety-minute set!

Not to mention that twelve songs is longer than the set they were playing in 2007 & 2008 (typical was eight to ten). Even if you combine Eon Blue Apocalypse / The Patient and don't consider (-) Ions as a full track (which are both reasonable assumptions), this set is still ten songs long, which is at the very minimum a standard length set for Tool in terms of the number of songs.

The bottom line is - any way you slice it - there is nothing at all wrong with either the length of this set, nor the albums that are represented - and ticket prices haven't gone up any more than they normally are for Tool either, so...whatever. Go listen to your Disturbed and Mudvayne CD's and pretend that they are metal if you don't like this set.

Anyway, I noticed several other comments that could use some clarification, too. Somebody said something about the last two songs being an encore. To the best of my knowledge, Tool doesn't do encores - they simply take a break, remain on stage, and play the last couple of songs that some people consider to be an "encore" as part of the normal set. Maynard has remarked before that he thinks encores are self-serving, silly drama cooked up by bands (and subsequently expected by fans) to add hype to a show. He and the rest of the band simply prefer to perform to the best of their ability, thank the crowd whole-heartedly when they are done, and exit stage rear - simple.

Then someone said that Third Eye was the only unusual song in this set, but then somebody else jumped in and reminded the first guy about The Patient and Intolerance. The discussion should have ended there, but then the first guy said that Intolerance wasn't even that good (a matter of opinion, which many folks would disagree with, myself and the second guy being just two examples), and then proceeded to suggest about five other songs that should have been played instead (presumably because they are seldom played). However, two of these five (Right in Two, and Wings) have been in the rotation for years - especially Wings (they played it at almost every show!) - so I don't really know what the original poster is even talking about.

A couple of other random clarifcations:

Ticks and Leeches is quite rare, because the vocals are very strenuous (jhdeity has it right).

They did play Sober a handful of times on the last few tours, but it is typically more of a surprise than a regular fixture in the set list.

Tool plays songs in regular rotation "for years" because their album cycle is so long. It's as simple as that. They did make some switches on their tours for 10,000 Days (Right in Two was in and out, same with The Pot, Flood was only played for a while, Sober was thrown in every now and then, etc.), but for the most part, they were promoting the album, so they leaned heavily towards songs from it. What's there not to understand about that?

Anyway, this is a killer set that I would have loved to witness live. Lucky bastards are those who get to see this mini-tour, because I likely won't be among them.
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