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Originally Posted by evildeadjedi View Post
I noticed that and it sounds like this place is a lawsuit waiting to happen. So are there any other venues in the area that hold shows?
The only other venue in Allentown that can even hope to compete with it is The Sterling Hotel, which is located literally right down the road. It's been temporarily closed since December, but is reopening soon. The problem with that venue though is that it's well-intentioned but just a few steps shy of fully professional, and the guy that books most of the national acts there has a bad habit of seemingly only booking bands he likes - which makes the venue almost 100% metal, mostly all death metal. Apparently they're remodeling though and bringing in some new people - if the fact that I'm seeing Y&T with Icarus Witch there in August is any indication, they should hopefully finally be moving up the venue ladder.
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