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Originally Posted by evildeadjedi View Post
That is a shame, is it something that could improve with new management?
Probably, but the guy that owns the venue is a royal asshole. There are multiple protest/anti-venue groups on the internet, but they don't take any form of constructive suggestions/criticism, even when there's literally dozens (if not hundreds) of published accounts of people hating the venue.

A few accounts I gathered for my Facebook group:

"I'm surprised this place hasn't been shut down. Other reviewers have mentioned the crowding problem. It is serious. I recently saw a sold out show there, and the place was filled way past capacity. You seriously could not move an inch. Lord help you if one of the security guys has to get through the crowd - they shove people into each other without even looking at them. At one point, I was standing next to the bar, and I was pretty sure I was going to get crushed against it a couple times as people pushed by to go to the bathroom. And this was without some sort of accident like a fire or something - if there were to be a fire, hundreds of people would die in it either from trampling or simply not being able to get out of the place. It's too bad, because we saw a great band play there, but the Crocodile Rock Cafe is a disaster waiting to happen."

"I tried to book a show with these guys and they acted extremely unprofessional and very shady. There attitude towards booking bands is very uncaring and unorganized. It took me five days of talking everyday with these people to finally book a show. I highly recommend not working with this venue."

"not only is the place ridiculous to get to for those out of town and not familiar with Allentown (getting lost is highly likley), but the venue straight up sucks. Its small, crowded beyond belief, and hot as hell. We get there and it was already jam packed, we couldnt stand anywhere in the club and watch the band, bouncers were constantly telling us to keep moving. also, there was over 45 minutes between the main supporting band and the headliner, during which time we were cramped on the side with no where to go, this place sucks."

"This club is THE WORST place to see a concert.I can't count the # of times I saw water dripping from the ceiling,huge puddles on the floor,trash cans catching the water"
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