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Clutch -- Allentown, PA -- June 19th, 2010

Location - Allentown, PA
Venue - Crocodile Rocks
Openers - Never Got Caught, Lionize, The Bakerton Group

Courtesy of stoopid2001 from the Cove

HOT. That pretty much sums up this show. Who ever had the idea to put pizza ovens in a concert venue can eat a big bag of dicks.

Lionize gets better every time I see them. I didn't recognize the last song they played, maybe its a new one? I'll mp3 it up tomorrow. Maybe someone knows what it was.

NGC was much better as a 4 piece. I really dug their set more this time than New Years. Neil did Slipping Out with them as he's been doing this leg of the tour. Chris from Lionize did a song with them as well.

The Bakerton Group sounded great from the bathroom and the bar. I missed most of their set to piss and get a bottle of water.

Clutch brought the rock as expected. Neil commented on how hot it was in there. Set list highlights for me were JWB, Immortal and R&R Outlaw.

I picked up a clear vinyl. After the show I met Lyss76, Tex and Fake111. I saw Skyye taking pics during Lionize, but missed her after the show.

Did I mention it was fucking hot?

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