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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post

I swear I'm one of like 10 people who liked that.

In my opinion, the worst setlist they've ever done was probably the Dance of Death tour. Aside from the 6 new songs + Brave New World and lord of the Flies, it was terrible. Wrathchild, Can I Play With Madness, The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Number of the Beast, Hallowed, Fear of the Dark, and Iron Maiden. Now granted, it's not that they're bad songs - it's just that they're all overplayed hits, most of which most hardcore Maiden fans don't need to keep seeing. At least on the Amolad tour, they played even more new material (which I consider good because the album tour was the only chance for them to ever do most of it), and they played The Evil That Men Do and 2 Minutes to Midnight - two hits, that while overplayed, are at least undoubtedly two of Maiden's most loved hits.
Personally, I'll take The Trooper over 2 Minutes to Midnight any day. But I'd agree that I honestly wouldn't care if I never saw NOTB, CIPWM, Run to the Hills, and Wrathchild again. Gimme Prisoner, 22 Acacia Avenue, or The Evil That Men Do!
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