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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
It annoys me that Anthrax is making Joey do Only as opposed to shit like Time, Who Cares Wins, Discharge, and Armed & Dangerous.
Oh yeah totally. Because these songs were all setlists staples through the years Have they ever even played Discharge live? Besides it's hardly one of the best songs they can choose to play. I will never understand why people will get upset about ANY band not playing songs that don't have a chance in hell of getting in the set anyways

Also, they have a limited amount of time due to being on a festival. They've gotta stick just with the "best of" sets for now. When or should I say if, we are talking about Anthrax here, they get out on their own with more time maybe a few more rare tracks will be played. Until then let's just be happy that Joey's back and let's hope it lasts this time.
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