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5 songs from Abigail
2 songs from Abigail II
1 song from The Eyes
1 song from Fatal Portrait
1 song from Conspiracy
1 song from Them
2 songs from The Puppet Master
2 from Mercyful Fate

Two of these songs are "intros" so there you go...

Last tour the setlist was longer! Send Black Dalilah home and expand the King setlist.

Last tour was

1. Funeral
2. A Mansion In Darkness
3. The Family Ghost
4. Black Horsemen
5. Spare This Life
6. Mansion In Sorrow
7. Spirits
8. Sorry Dear
9. Eye of the Witch
10. Sleepless Nights
11. The Puppet Master
12. Blood to Walk
13. So Sad
14. Living Dead (outro)
15. Welcome Home
16. The Invisible Guests
17. Burn
18. Halloween
19. No Presents For Christmas

That being said... I can't wait for May 7!!!!
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