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Great news to everyone in the MN/WI area.

Just got announced a couple hours ago that we will be playing The Rock in Maplewood, MN June 23rd *Next Wednesday*

This will be the biggest show of my life because this is the one that Shattered will be making it's real debut at, so we need to show that we are going to kick ass!

The whole EP will be played live and we'll be playing at least 2 new songs. The one that might be making it's Mn debut is Souls Of The Damned, which to me is The Walk Of Death on Thrashin' Steroids. And My Crimson Fate, The Prog Metal song that I wrote and arranged. The best way I can describe it is a Surf Pop floor tom beat, that goes into Meshuggah choruses, into a Melodic almost Megadeth verses, into a Rush/Dream Theater middle instrumental section....That's what happens when you let the drummer (me) write a song. HAHA

Oh yeah, this show WILL BE TAPED. And I know that this show will have a better mix then the shows we have taped and not yet uploaded, because this is the same venue last year that I seen Testament, Fair To Midland and Story Of The Year, so yeah it's a badass venue.

Back to the show...

The other bands are Seared (Metalcoreish, a tad bit prog) and The Dying Vine (Death/Black Metal).

I have no idea what the ticket prices are yet, but I'm sure it will be between $5-$10. The show starts at 9pm, and we will be first. If you guys can make it out I hope you can check us out and see how good we actually are!
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