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The Ocean -- Munich, Germany -- June 8th, 2010

This was definitely one of the best shows I've seen so far this year. Although I have to admit that the visuals weren't that special, and that the light show was killed by a broken fog machine, the performance of the band was just incredibly intense. The sound was very good and the setlist almost perfect - "Stenian: Mt. Sorrow" killed me, and so did "The Origin Of Species/God". This show was so much better than the disappointing concert with BURST in 2009. And although their new singer Loic didn't always hit the right pitch, he did an overall good job. His growls were way more ferocious live than on the "Heliocentric" record. And well, I'll just give him some time to develop. Besides, most of the time his singing was actually pretty good - I think he was the perfect choice for THE OCEAN.

A few pictures can be found here (unfortunately only a handful, though):

Setlist THE OCEAN:

The First Commandment Of The Luminaries
Ectasian: De Profundis
Stenian: Mt. Sorrow
The City In The Sea
Metaphysics Of The Hangman
Swallowed By The Earth
The Origin Of Species
The Origin Of God
Hadean: The Long March Of The Yes-Men
Orosirian: For The Great Blue Cold Now Reigns

(approx. 85 minutes)
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