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Murderdolls -- Pomona, CA -- June 15th, 2010

I recently found out these guys were going to play at the Glass House and was interested in going for shits and giggles. I used to be all about these guys back when the cd first came out 8 or so years ago and I was 12. I haven't listened to these guys in years and wanted to humor myself. I always thought their songs were cheesy, but the new songs are even worse. I somehow managed to remember all the songs from the first cd and was happy they played only a few new songs. The Misfits cover was random but awesome. It was cool to see Joey playing guitar. I guess the reunion of the Murderdolls worked out perfectly with Paul's death so that they will have plenty of time to tour a lot. They really seemed to enjoy it, since it was the first live show in 6 or 7 years.

1. Intro tape
2. New song
3. Slit My Wrist
4. Twist My Sister
5. New song
6. New song
7. Love at First Fright
8. She was a Teenage Zombie
9. Die My Bride
10. People Hate Me
11. Complicated (cover song, forget the artist)
12. Welcome to the Strange
13. New song
14. 197666
15. Motherfucker, I Don't Care
16. Dawn of the Dead
17. Hybrid Moments (Misfits cover)
18. Dead in Hollywood
19.I love to Say Fuck
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