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Danzig -- Norfolk, VA -- June 15th, 2010

At first, it looked like there was going to be a small turnout, but by the time Gorgeous Frankenstein came on, the place started filling up. While outside waiting for the doors to open, Glenn's crew came out and announced that no video recording would be allowed, and no pictures allowed. They said if you have a cell phone, do not take it out of your pocket while in the venue. And that if you have to use your phone, go outside to the smoking section. And that rule was definately enforced, a few people were thrown out for it.

When I got inside, I made it onto the rail, center stage. Seventh Void came out on time, and played really well. Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly are always awesome to see. I don't have a setlist for them, but they played 7-8 songs, about 30 minutes.

Gorgeous Frankenstein had a lot of technical difficulties, and didn't end up coming out for 45 minutes after Seventh Void finished. They played a really sick set, Doyle von Wolfgang is an awesome guitarist. He had a really sick devilock,which extended down to his chest. It was so long, it would wave back and forth as he moved. Their set ended pretty abruptly, after 45 minutes. Doyle walked off the stage, and made a cut-it-off motion to the drummer, and they all just walked off the stage with no goodbye. They played around 12 songs. I caught one of Doyle's guitar picks though

Danzig was amazing live. As soon as he came out, there was a huge push forward, which crushed me against the rail. Tommy Victor, Johnny Kelly, and Steve Zing were all really good, but I was mostly focused on Glenn the whole night. Glenn would shake hands, slap hands, and horns lock with everyone up front, during most of the songs. He would also put the mic out towards the crowd, so people could scream the choruses of songs into the mic. After the set, I caught one of Tommy's guitar picks

After the show, Glenn came outside, and got on his tour bus. He took about 5-10 minutes, then he signed stuff for people. I got my ticket signed

Setlist [(First three, last two non-encore songs, and the two encore songs are in correct order, the rest are probably all jumbled up) set lasted about 80 minutes altogether]

Skin Carver
Twist of Cain
Hammer of the Gods (new song)
Wicked Night (dedicated to Peter Steele)
Her Black Wings
How the Gods Kill
Do You Wear the Mark
It's Coming Down
Tired of Being Alive
Kiss the Skull
Until You Call on the Dark
Bringer of Death
Black Angel White Angel
She Rides
Long Way Back From Hell
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