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Pestilence -- Chicago, IL -- June 14th, 2010

Surprised no one has posted a setlists for this tour yet!! honestly in the top 5 best shows ive ever been to, each band was nothing short of perfection!! i highly recommend going to this tour if you have the chance. My only complaint is that Pestilence played a bit too short and wayyyyy to much new stuff, but oh well it was still crazy as hell and amazing!

Sacrificial Slaughter - they call themselves "extreme death thrash" so i was a bit skeptical, especially with them being the first band of the night...but oh was i surprised! They were heavy as hell and really really good. I enjoyed them quite a lot for not hearing them ever before, so i went and picked up a shirt from the merch stand. Im definatly gonna see them next time they come.

Enfold Darkness - I saw these guys once before but never got any of thier music, its pretty decent, nothing too special except the random clean jazz parts to a few of there songs which i thought were bad ass. Aside from that they kind of reminded me of The Black Dahlia Murder, who im not a big fan of at all.

Vital Remains - HOLY SHIT second time seeing them and they raped! I was talking to Scott before they played and was askin him how much time they would have to play and he told me "not as much as they would like". And i brought up the bullshit on how they are OPENING Summer Slaughter and he agreed it sucked. Although i was shouting for War In Paridise the whole time, unfortunatly, once again they didnt play any old songs.

Icons Of Evil
Devoured Elysium
??? i forget what it was, probably Infidel or Saviour To None Failure For All
Hammer Down The Nails

Warbringer - Ah i love seeing this band live, anyone who has seen them before knows how it goes. Highlights was yelling At The Crack Of Doom and he said he would play it on one condition, and made the motion for the wall of death, it was awesome! They also played Beneath The Waves because everyone was shouting for it, and i talked to him after the show and he said that they genuinely played those songs because we wanted them too and they had different ones on there setlists. I think thats pretty cool since most bands dont really do that.

Living In A Whirlwind
Severed Reality
Total War
Prey For Death
At The Crack Of Doom
Systematic Genocide
Beneath The Waves
Combat Shock

Pestilence - WOW is all i have to say, they came on stage and brought it with the same amazing power and precision you can compare to Dying Fetus. Everyone of there songs was flawless and insanly heavy. I just wish they played longer and more old songs, but it was still amazing to have seen them. There new bassist is amazing, playign a 6 string fretless it is truely an awesome sight to see someone in a death metal band playing intricate bass parts on an intrument that is very difficult to play. I apoligize, i dont remember all of the songs, mostly since it was new stuff and im not very familiar with all the new songs, but most of them i am. And I really wanted to hear Chronic Infection, ah well

Horror Detox
Devouring Frenzy (wish they opened with this)
Chemo Therapy
The Process of Suffocation
Dehydrated I
Dehydrated II
Drum/Bass Solo
Hate Suicide
Resurrection Macabre (sounded heavy as HELL)
Out of The Body

-i think there was one more song off Resurrection Macabre somewhere in there
7/18-Iron Maiden
8/9-Summer Slaughter
8/23-Exodus, Malevolent Creation
10/22-Immolation, Vader

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