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Annihilator -- Frankfurt, Germany -- March 14th, 1990

Frankfurt, Germany
Wednesday, March 14, 1990

01. Crystal Ann (Intro Tape)
02. Welcome to Your Death
03. The Fun Palace
04. Wicked Mystic
05. Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade
06. Reduced to Ash
07. Never Neverland
08. I Am in Command
09. Stonewall
10. Kraf Dinner
11. Drum Solo
12. Road to Ruin
13. Sixes and Sevens
14. Schizos Are Never Alone
15. Phantasmagoria
16. Word Salad
17. Alison Hell
18. Human Insecticide

Vocals: Coburn Pharr
Guitar: Jeff Waters
Guitar: Dave Scott Davis
Bass: Wayne Darley
Drums: Ray Hartman

Not 100% sure on Dave Scott Davis.

The date I got said the show was in March, although another source says he was at a show in September in Frankfurt and still has the ticket. As a result, the date may be 1990-09-14.

Source: Dimeadozen
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