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Originally Posted by Alvitus View Post
Why "a.k.a. complete joke"?

I read they rocks yesterday!
Because of the set they played vs what was promised.

The Summer European tour was supposed to be a set comprised entirely of songs from the first two albums. But instead they played two from the new album (claiming "we realised that in this country you made it a big hit for us!", which I'm certain they say in every country and the real reason is "we realised we might have to rehearse some different songs if we don't play the ones we've already been playing"), and pointlessly two from 'The Crimson Idol'.

Not only did they play these songs that weren't from the first two albums, these four songs were suspiciously also four songs from the previous tour's setlist. As were most of the songs they did play from the old albums. In actual fact, they broke out precisely two rare songs from those albums that haven't been played in years.

For a special set, two special songs is a joke.

Long answer to a short question

Their performance was actually very good, and if you're a fan and haven't yet seen Doug Blair do the solo in 'The Idol', you haven't seen the solo in 'The Idol'.

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