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Alice in Chains -- Seattle, WA -- February 18th, 2005

Alice In Chains
Tsunami Relief Benefit Show
The Premier Nightclub
Seattle, WA
February 18, 2005

Acoustic (With Lachman, DeGarmo, Olsen)
01. The Killer is Me
02. No Excuses
03. Heaven Beside You
04. Brother*
05. Got Me Wrong
06. Down in a Hole

07. It Ainít Like That@
08. Again@#
09. Would#
10. Angry Chair#
11. Them Bones&
12. Man in the Box&
13. Rooster@#&*

14. Barracuda (4:43) (Heart- with Cantrell and Inez)

Line-Up (all surviving members):
Guitar: Jerry Cantrell
Bass: Mike Inez
Drums: Sean Kinney

Special Guests:
&= Maynard James Keenan (vocals, Tool)
@= Pat Lachman (vocals, Halford/ Damageplan)
*= Ann Wilson (vocals, Heart)
Chris DeGarmo (guitar, Queensryche)
#= Wes Scanlin (vocals, Puddle of Mudd)
Scott Olson (guitar, appeared on Alice in Chains Unplugged)

Source: Dimeadozen
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