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Oh lord, yes this was GODLY. I met Gary Holt before the show and yelled "We're not worthy!" and bowed. Then after the show I talked to David White from Heathen and we talked about the new album and how much I loved the songs they played from it. He then told me Heathen are gonna headline here in the Bay real soon, but he didn't know when exactly. I sound like a giddy fanboy and frankly I was.

Also Robb joined in on either A Lesson In Violence or Piranha, but I can't remember which.

Also, I'm pretty sure War Is My Shepherd was after The Sun Is My Destroyer and before Impaler. I remember shouting for WIMS after Blacklist and then Dukes saying "Yeah that's right, new shit!" or something to that effect. But if you took notes, then I'll take your word over mine.
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