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Originally Posted by kulamram View Post
First Unitarian Church
Tombs, a local band. opened. Good vibe! Then came the tour package: Black Anvil, Nachtmystium, Brutal Truth and Eyehategod. Black Anvil are incorporating a ton of new tunes into their set: Relapse album release set for the fall. Check these guys out, they have a great sound! Nachtmystium played one new one from "Addicts" with its almost completely new (tour?) line-up. Couldn't stay for the two headliners...i'm sure they kicked ass!

your true enemy
ghosts of grace
life of fire
a seed for suffering
hellish overdose
high on hate
one of these nights
Wow that's a good lineup. I didn't even know this tour was going on lol.

But that's a nice set from Nachtmystium. I'm suprised they're not playing more new songs, but then again it did just come out. I think most of the new ones would go over pretty well live.
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