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When I had my surgery a few months ago (February), I made a mix to be played when going under anasthesia and was also played when in recovery.

So, the tracks of my surgery CD, in an order that is not the final order burned.

Iron Maiden - The Trooper
Whit​e Zombie - Black Sunshine
Kin​g Diamond - No Presents for Christmas
Ci​nderella - Bad Seamstress Blues/Falli​n' Apart at the Seams
Iced Earth - Pure Evil
Alice Cooper, featuring Vincent Price - The Black Widow
Manowa​r - Dark Avenger
Soci​al Distortion - Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
Judas Priest - Delivering the Goods
Metall​ica - Trapped Under Ice
Black Sabbath - I
Nevermore - Medicated Nation
Kreat​or - Escalation
Q​ueensryche - Queen of the Reich
Megade​th - Take No Prisoners
Ov​erkill - Rotten to the Core
Blind Guardian - Trial By Fire

For more details on my selections, click here
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