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Clutch -- Oklahoma City, OK -- June 9th, 2010

This is from Wookies Clutch over at the Cove.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Venue: Diamond Ballroom
Openers: NGC, Lionize, and The Bakerton Group

Wow! Just got back, 5th show I have ever seen, it was defiantly the loudest, I can't hear a thing. I wasn't able to snag a set list But i will try and remember.

Let a Poor Man Be
John Wilkes Booth
Soap makers
Profits of Doom
50,000 unstoppable watts
Slow Hole to China
Power Player
The Devil and Me
Mice and Gods
Pure Rock Fury
Struck Down
Eight Times over Miss October

Encore Acoustic

Tight Like That
Ship of Gold
Abraham Lincoln
Electric Worry.

It was a blast, and out in the middle of nowhere, so they didn't have a curfew likes some places I have been.

Never got caught, Never got my interest.
Lionize Same
Bakerton Group Very good.

None of the Opening acts where bad, its just hard to compare them to clutch. The place was not crowded at all, not even half full. There where also a lot of kids there, there was a 3 year old with a Mohawk and Neil said "You must have a cool dad kid"

Neil also got a full can of miller lite thrown at him, he then picked it up, opened it drank it and said "Thank Ya Kindly"

Tim Sults Guitar string broke in the middle of Abraham Lincoln, Neil and JP then started to just Jam while Neil said "Thank you for calling guitar center, for customer assistance, please press one"

Damn this sounds like it was a fun show!
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