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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
He did it on Electric Worry (of course), and honestly it escapes me what the other two he did it on were, so I guess it suffices to say that it wasn't overbearing. But yeah, back in '08 when he was doing it on Big News I and II and shit it was just plain wrong.

And yeah, I watched it. It's fantastic as one would expect. Great to see those cuts from the self-titled that I doubt I'll ever see in person like 7 Jam and Droid.
Based on looking at the setlist King of Arizona definitely and either Child of the City or Struckdown I'm guessing. I was at a show where he did it on Big News I and II and I was not impressed. He also did it on Hoodoo Operator which is fine since the original had Neil playing mouth harp.

Excellent and that's very true because in 11 Clutch shows I have never seen either one.
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