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Clutch -- Urbana, IL -- June 7th, 2010

I have seen Clutch here before and it's a pretty cool place and always pulls in a large crowd from IL and nearby states.

I didn't attend this one got it from albertwasaman

Location: Champaign/Urbana IL
Venue: The Canopy Club
Openers: NGC, Lionize, and The Bakerton Group (he didn't have any of the setlists unfortunately)

Gravel Road
Incomparable Mr Flannery
50000 Unstoppable Watts
Struck Down
Electric Worry/One Eye Dollar
Pure Rock Fury
Power Player
Let a Poor Man Be
Profits of Doom
Mob Goes Wild
Mice and Gods
Dragonfly/Drum solo->
Burning Beard

Amazing acoustic set encore:
Tight Like That
Ship of Gold
Abraham Lincoln!!!!

Quote from albertwasaman

"Fuck. Holy Shit. They come out and rip through a blistering set. Then completely drop it down for a smooth killer blues jam/reworking set. Wow. Unbelievable. I've seen Clutch 12 times now, and hands down this is probably my favorite show yet. Dragonfly was awesome, and the acoustic set needs to be heard to be believed. Neil got yelled at during the encore and replied "Put a beer in your mouth and shut the fuck up!..We'll use acoustic guitars and still curse"
Almost as good as the "Twitter tattoo" comments in Indy last month. Goddamn, how does this band keep impressing me after all these years?"

Damn! Abe Lincoln acoustic I really hope someone made a recording I really want to hear that.
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