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I don't *try* to get anything, but when I do get picks, I put them in this little picture frame I bought with a white fabric background that I put in. I have picks from DragonForce (touring bassist, woohoo), Porcupine Tree (Steven Wilson), Sepultura (Andreas Kisser), Queensryche (Michael Wilton), and Megadeth (Glen Drover).

The only ones that were definitely intentional were from Kisser - he actually reached out, grabbed my hand, opened it, put the pick inside, and closed it again, I guess he liked that I was singing all the old shit at the top of my lungs - and from Wilton, who pointed at me and threw it right to me. Again, must have been impressed that I knew every word of Mindcrime.

And I've met and had conversations with countless musicians but I'm pretty uncomfortable asking for pictures, as they are just dudes like me, and I'd rather have a conversation than take a picture. Only exception is Mikael ┼kerfeldt, and even then I basically took the piss, because a picture with a couple of metal dudes giving the horns is just fucking desperate and cliche and I stopped doing that when I was 15. Anyway, ┼kwardfelt picture below.

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