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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
No, do you? Is this really just a thread to boast about your collection?


Valid contribution to a discussion topic is always relevant. I'm sure someone said this somewhere else before, but negatively-leaning posts have every right to belong in a topic as positive ones. The problem posts are discussions about specific bands and some asshole just says "They suck, you're all fags" or whatever. That's irrelevant.

Unless of course this is just a cock-measuring thread? In which case no, I agree, genuine discussion has no place here.
Jeez, my post was pretty much meant as a jest. Especially the critic/not a fan bit - hence the winky smiley.

But my point was that basically this was a thread for those who enjoy looking at this sort of stuff and discussing the acquirement of it - not someone who is basically going to look down on people who care about it.
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