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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I basically don't have much of this kind of thing at all. I don't hang around outside venues like a dork waiting for bands, (and if I ever do say hey to a band member I certainly don't claim that I've "met" them - jeez, desperate?) and I'm rarely down the front for pick/stick catching.

So the only pick I've got from a show is a Keri Kelli/Alice Cooper one because I was in the photo pit and he throws like a girl. Normally if people in the front row have noticed a pick has landed in the pit I hand it over to whoever looks least desparate in the front row, but I left it there for the whole three songs we were allowed to shoot and no one spotted it, so it became mine.

I have a few signed bits and pieces. Usually sent to me. A couple from signing sessions where I was at the show anyway so figured why the fuck not? There's a whole bunch of signing sessions at Sweden Rock every year, but I can't be bothered to attend. There are bands to watch and if I really cared about photos or getting shit signed, I'm back stage every year with more important people than can usually be fucked to do the signing sessions... and I still can't be arsed!
Do you want a prize? We get it - you're a critic, not a fan.

I remember another post of this nature from you before - it didn't need to be in this thread, clearly designed for people who care about this sort of stuff.
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