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That is quite the collection of Pics. I am quite impressed.

I don't have any pics of my memorabilia, sans two very important pieces of memorabilia to me I'll save for last but this is my list of bands and musicians I have met with memorabilia mentioned:

(Met all 4 and hung out with all 4, 3 times, have 3 autographed setlists)

King's X (Doug Pinnick Bass Pic, King's X Promo Poster, Ogre Tones Booklet autographed)

Orange Sky (No memorabilia, but 2 pretty cool and funny stories from when they opened for King's X for anyone interested.)

Iced Earth (Something Wicked part 2 booklet autographed VIP passed autographed and a cool story that Jon Schaffer broke big news to me about that didn't happen till about a year and a half later, again for anyone interested)

*Me taking a picture with Iced Earth When I could have looked a lot better

Mutiny Within (Autographed setlist from Sonata Arctica NA tour and autographed booklet, gave the keyboardist a copy of my bands demo)

Powerglove (Just met the guys didn't have time for autographs, gave the guitarist a copy of my band's demo)

BigElf (Hung out with all 4 guys for a good half hour after opening for Dream Theater, got a BigElf Cheating The Gallows Promo Poster signed)

Scale The Summit
(Got a mini Promo card signed by all 4 guys opening for Dream Theater)

Ross The Boss
(Met all the guys in his band, Until the upcoming Progpower show, I have the ONLY Ross The Boss USA setlist in existence, they only did 2 shows before Progpower, one in NYC and one at Station 4 in MN, and they didn't have a setlist in NYC, and shared a setlist in MN, which is now sitting in a picture frame on my bedroom wall.)

As I Lay Dying
(After Getting Knocked out during Haste The Day's set by some white trash piece of shit, I got the setlist from As I Lay Dying)

*The net 6 I all met at Sounds Of The Underground*

Shadows Fall (Autographed poster. Used to keep in contact with Jason Bittner, but since haven't kept much contact)

Darkest Hour (Hung out with the band during Shadows Fall set, talked to ex guitarist Kris Norris for a good half hour about Devin Townsend and his then upcoming solo album which at the time was just a dream, autographed promo poster)

Every Time I Die
(autographed poster, guys didn't talk much if at all)

Amon Amarth
(Autographed poster, 2 really funny stories about the guys if anyone is interested)

The Devil Wears Prada (Autographed Poster, 4 of the freakiest motherfuckers I've ever met)

Mushroomhead (autographed poster, all really cool guys, too bad Slipknot got successful because these guys turned down Roadrunner)

Next is a list of different members of bands:

Mike Portnoy, Drummer of Dream Theater *I'll come back to MP*

John Petrucci, Guitarist of Dream Theater (Autographed Ticket, that's all I had at the time)

Eric Peterson, Guitarist of Testament
(Guitar pick, his setlist from Testament/Unearth/Lazarus A.D.)

Chuck Billy, Singer Of Testament (Chuck's Air Guitar Pick *Testament logo on one side, CHUCK'S PICK on the other* hahahaha)

Ken Susi, Guitarist of Unearth (Autographed setlist of Testament, Hung out with him after the show talking music, one of the most humble guys I've ever met)

Tommy Portimo, Drummer of Sonata Arctica (His drumstick which a girl nearly raped me for when i caught it mid air, outside he signed it for me and we talked about Pearl drums while he had a cigarette)

Benji Helberg, Guitarist of American Head Charge
(In my metal cover band, my guitarist is actually best friends with Benji. They went to school together. He has watched us play a few times and has talked about me playing drums on his upcoming solo album...only problem is, I'm not sure if it is ever going to get made, but if it does, remember the name Josh Rundquist, That will be me on the drums. I shit you not!*

Steve Brooks, Singer/Guitarist of Torche
(autographed ticket, that's all I had at the time, talked about music and how Torche became one of my top 5 all time favorite bands, which he was very happy to hear and appreciated)

Sergio Robledo-Maderazo, Bassist of From Monument To Masses
(A great band that sadly broke up, nothing autographed, just hung out with him for about 20 minutes at the back of the venue talking music)

Anton and Lewis Patzer, Violinist and Cellist of Judgment Day (Fuck Apocalyptica, Judgment day is the REAL STRING METAL BAND, Violin, Cello, Drums, NO BULLSHIT! I seen them open for Dredg and they blew my fucking mind Nothing autographed, but we talked for over an hour after the show, 2 of the coolest dudes I've met in music.)

And now the 2 piece of memorabilia that mean more to me then anything I'll ever own:

First up Mike Portnoy and Me (back when I looked like a me I look a lot better now)

And my 12" Tama Mike Portnoy Melody Master snare, signed by the man himself

And finally, the other most important piece of musical history, my autographed copy of Redemption's CD/DVD, Frozen In The Moment (The CD/DVD I officially named)

And a personal thank you from NVD:

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