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Unisonic -- Morlenbach, Germany -- June 5th, 2010


This was the first show by the new band featuring Michael Kiske. This is the first time Kiske has immersed himself in a complete band set up in many years, and will actually be performing live on a somewhat regular basis with it. This was the first time Kiske has done a live show in... SEVENTEEN YEARS.

Band line-up:
Michael Kiske: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Dennis Ward: Bass, Backing Vocals
Mandy Meyer: Guitars
Kosta Zafiriou - Drums

01. Cross The Line (Place Vendome)
02. I'll Be Gone (Place Vendome))
03. I'll Be Waiting (Place Vendome)
04. Set Me Free (Place Vendome)
05. My Guardian Angel (Place Vendome)
06. Too Late (Place Vendome)
07. 6/8 Souls Alive (New Song)
08. Completely Breathless (Place Vendome)
09. Sign Of The Times (Place Vendome)
10. Streets of Fire (Place Vendome)
11. The Setting Sun (Place Vendome)
12. Follow Me (Place Vendome)
13. Kids Of The Century (Helloween)
14. A Little Time (Helloween)
15. 6/8 Souls Alive (reprise)
16. Cross The Line (reprise)

Gotta be honest, way more Place Vendome songs than I expected, but I like the albums a decent amount, so not really complaining (not that I'm gonna see this anyway). I just figured there would be more new, original material here.

There's video on YouTube (or at the link) if anyone feels like checking it out.
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