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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Yep, should have mentioned, Eric Oblander came out and did harp on three songs. And yeah, Soapmakers and Dragonfly were among the highlights. Hell, I can't complain about any Clutch setlist though, they've got easily 100 songs I'd kill to see live any day of the week.

And yeah, that new DVD was on sale. Of course, I've already had it for a few weeks.
I figured since it's his hometown (please tell me he didn't do it on any songs that didn't have the mouth harp in the first place). I once heard Oregon live and he was playing the mouth harp and it was ruining the song for me and most of the people in the crowd.

QFT! It's tough to find Clutch songs I wouldn't want to hear live. Have you watched it yet?
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