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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Late getting to the party, but glad you had a blast.

First off, that's a pretty rad fucking set (although what most folks don't seem to fathom is that just about any Clutch set is rad as fuck ).

Second, I haven't been on here much lately, so I wasn't really even aware that you were going. Glad I didn't know, frankly, because it would have made me want to try that much harder to go, and really I had no business being there. My wife is ready to deliver any day now, and I've been busy helping make preparations and so forth. I played my copy of Full Fathom Five last night in honor of the show, though - being the nerd that I am.

Third (and speaking of DVD's), they didn't have a copy of the new DVD for sale by any chance, did they? I'm pretty sure I'm gonna order that this week (or soon, anyway), and I was just curious. It includes the entirety of the self-titled album, plus some other tracks, I believe, so that's a no-brainer for me.

Super glad they played some rarities like Slow Hole and King of Arizona for ya...that musta been sweet. Plus Pure Rock Fury...I seem to remember that being a fave of yourn. Personally, I would have been tickled by Dragonfly (not that it's one of my all-time faves, but it's a damn good one I haven't seen live yet), or Soapmakers. I have yet to see that one live, and it's one of my favorite Clutch songs of all time. I think it would absolutely kill live. Gotta git me somma that someday.

Hope to go to a Clutch gig with youse's always way fucking better with fellow addicts aboard.
Yes, honestly there is no such thing as a bad Clutch set.

Hope things are going well with your family. I heard they were supposed to have 9:30 Club DVD at the show but I'm not sure since I couldn't make it either. Slow Hole is a crowd pleaser definitely King of Arizona is a very groovy number and Eric Oblander doesn't overdue the mouth harp too much. Dragonfly is definitely a fav of mine and if it's played I'm always happy. Soapmakers seems to be the one that always gets played in other states I have caught it twice in eleven Clutch shows. Soapmakers does kill live especially when people start doing "the ogre stomp" then when it slows down they don't know what to do

Hopefully, all the Ohio gear heads on this site will get a shot to meet up the next time Clutch rolls into town.
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