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Late getting to the party, but glad you had a blast.

First off, that's a pretty rad fucking set (although what most folks don't seem to fathom is that just about any Clutch set is rad as fuck ).

Second, I haven't been on here much lately, so I wasn't really even aware that you were going. Glad I didn't know, frankly, because it would have made me want to try that much harder to go, and really I had no business being there. My wife is ready to deliver any day now, and I've been busy helping make preparations and so forth. I played my copy of Full Fathom Five last night in honor of the show, though - being the nerd that I am.

Third (and speaking of DVD's), they didn't have a copy of the new DVD for sale by any chance, did they? I'm pretty sure I'm gonna order that this week (or soon, anyway), and I was just curious. It includes the entirety of the self-titled album, plus some other tracks, I believe, so that's a no-brainer for me.

Super glad they played some rarities like Slow Hole and King of Arizona for ya...that musta been sweet. Plus Pure Rock Fury...I seem to remember that being a fave of yourn. Personally, I would have been tickled by Dragonfly (not that it's one of my all-time faves, but it's a damn good one I haven't seen live yet), or Soapmakers. I have yet to see that one live, and it's one of my favorite Clutch songs of all time. I think it would absolutely kill live. Gotta git me somma that someday.

Hope to go to a Clutch gig with youse's always way fucking better with fellow addicts aboard.
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