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DM - Sorry, I couldn't make it sounds like you had a great time!

The setlist from last year was a bit better (even if it was smoldering in that mother fucker) but sounds like a great all around show.

I wonder how long they will continue the acoustic encore? I'm very intrigued to hear the songs unplugged. Could this mean they might actually do "Ghost" again?

I would love to see Blast Tyrant in it's entirety. WYSIWYG, Ghost, and Goat Warfare aka Weathermaker are the only songs off Blast Tyrant I have not seen live. It makes sense because Blast Tyrant is Clutch's concept album. I hope they do another "Evening with Clutch" tour like they did back in 04' -05'(two full Clutch sets oh yea ) and maybe they will play the whole thing. I went to one of the evening with shows and it's probably one of my top shows of all time.

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