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Clutch -- Toledo, OH -- June 6th, 2010

Just another incredible performance from the greatest live band on the planet. Not much to say other than it was fantastic. Took my 14-year-old brother for his first ever concert, and there's no better band to cut your live music teeth on in my opinion. Never Got Caught was pretty good, Lionize was actually pretty fantastic and way better than the first time I saw them, the Bakerton Group was, well, Clutch without vocals, so naturally pretty damn good, and Clutch was Clutch. That should be enough information to know how great this show was. Finally got to see some songs I've never seen them do (this was my 5th Clutch gig), and they encored acoustically which they've never done until this tour - weird arrangements of the songs, but still quite good. Setlist below.

Pure Rock Fury
Slow Hole to China
The Mob Goes Wild
Profits of Doom
50,000 Unstoppable Watts
Struck Down
The Yeti
The House That Peterbilt
Power Player
Cypress Grove
King of Arizona
The Soapmakers
Burning Beard
The Dragonfly
Child of the City
Electric Worry
One Eye Dollar
(Acoustic encore)
The Regulator
Tight Like That
Ship of Gold
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