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Originally Posted by Sinfulsot View Post
I hope to attend the virtual show. or virtual set as i like to refer to it; however, whether I attend or not, I will vote no on the stage banter. even tho I am tempted to entertain the ghost thing, but no. "No" on the banter.

Now, will I be able to locate each song on like youTube, or do i have to hooliganize every recording and hopefully find it in time when you announce it? If so, I might need some Pm-ed info, just albums, that way there is still some surprise.

I also think 3 hours of Dio related material should definitely include Dio solo material. you said 3 Dio/Rainbow/Sabbath records. is it 3 of each?
I meant only 3 albums total between all Dio and applicable Sabbath/Rainbow albums would not feature at least one song. As of now I'm looking at covering every Sabbath/Rainbow album, but still falling a solo album or two short.

Any info you want, PM me about. Youtube should help you out for most anything you don't have, but if you want to be sure about anything, I can give you details.

And I think that's enough support to ensure no fake stage banter. No problem with me, it makes doing this a lot easier.
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