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Originally Posted by darkguardian50 View Post
You guys should be glad you have The Jaxx, I really miss that venue. There is nothing like it down here in Florida and you think the sound there sucks (which it doesn't really) then check out House of Blues. I saw Iced Earth at HOB and I saw them at The Jaxx with Ripper (who I'm not really even a fan of) and the show at the Jaxx was about 4 million times better. Therion at the Jaxx is still one of my favorite shows of all time. And on a more personal note, Jay is a hell of a nice guy too. Ya know why? Because he gives local bands a shot. Some of them are very good. And I never saw any reduced sets because of this. Why would they? Its not like down here in Florida where concerts need to end by a certain time.

Recher is an awful venue (still better than anything local to me down here sadly) and to me even worse than the 9:30 Club and I won't even get into how much I hate that venue and the location.
Recher awful? It used to be a movie theater and the acoustics and sound system in that place are top notch. Not to mention you can stand anywhere in the place and still see the stage. I didn't bag on Jaxx sound but Recher certainly blows it away and they don't add cheeseball openers to every single show to sell more drinks. Recher > Jaxx for many reasons but the sound isnt even close man. I do agree 9:30 sucks but mostly because of the area.
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