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Yes it was at MDF. Really only those up front could see it (from what I hear it was so crowded in there that it impossible to see almost anything... fuck, I've read reviews that have said no animal heads were on stage when there was actually TEN of them). I actually had no clue it was the bassist from D.R.I. until I got back to the hotel and talked with Jeff Becerra from Possessed as he got out of his cab. When we told him who we had just seen live, he was like "I heard Harald from D.R.I. got beat up on stage" and my girlfriend and I were like "Oh shit, that's who that was?"

The scuffle is mentioned in the link below, but not all the facts are straight. He says that Erik shoved Harald away but that was it, so he must of missed the full-on stomping that went down right afterwards.
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