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Originally Posted by Magson13 View Post
What do you expect from a dude in his late 40s/50s? Running around, jumping off of everything....?
Anything BUT standing there like a statue. Headbang, put a foot on a monitor, something.

Prong guy seriously just stood there, and for someone who wasn't familiar with their music, however interesting it was, wasn't much fun to watch. I know thrash and industrial are apples & oranges, but guys like Mille Petrozza and Bobby Blitz are in their upper 40s/50s; and are really engaging and intense at Kreator/OverKill shows, whether it be headbanging or anything else. Just so we're clear, I'm not knocking Prong's music at all, but their performance.


Jay and Jaxx are generous to give local bands slots, but Jay is an absolute asshole to deal with in person. I'm speaking from experience. Trying to get one of the local slots is an incredibly vague and frustrating process, but those are the breaks.

The only time I've ever seen setlists get cut is when the band had to get to their next venue at some specific time. Cannibal Corpse went on stage 2 hours early since they had to be in Boston and 9 the next morning, or DRI cutting a few when it hit 2AM which is the Jaxx closing time, which I think has something to do with liquor laws.

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