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Originally Posted by HUNGER OF THE UNDEAD View Post
Yeah, its a lame song, but its a lame album! That was their weakest release until DIM
and I cant believe they continue to play that piece of shit song disciple.

and why would you want to hear crap like cult and jihad?

Hell Awaits and Chemical have been staples for so long, its good to give them a rest, but NOTHING from the Hell Awaits album is just plain GAY!

This setlist is extremely fucking weak! Songs like South need to be shelved as well. WTF! These guys are getting so lazy. AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR is the only song in the set not played in years

The best SLAYER album in over 20 years and they are only playing 3 tracks.

Same RIB songs as always too. Like Megadeth, after 24 yrs of seeing these guys they are really starting to bore me.

They should call this American Carnage light tour when they come to the States, cuz I dont see ANYONE bustin out the super heavy, obscure, fast shit - what a fucking dissapointment. Two titans going at each other with their weakest material Again, like Megadeth, this is the 25th anniversary of Hell Awaits and we get ZILCH!

How about these guys?...
KILL AGAIN? last time played here = 1988
AT DAWN? = 2006

Fuckin A, Im so glad I was there back in the day to hear these songs, cuz it looks like theyll never see the light of day again
25th anniversary?? really?? Dunno why they aren't playing Hell Awaits in its entirety rather than Seasons in that case...
They probably forgot how to play the songs
If 2006 was the last time they played Necrophiliac though, they should at least play that...
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