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Originally Posted by HUNGER OF THE UNDEAD View Post
Are you for real? That setlist blows! 25th anniversary of KIMB and we get ZILCH???
Yes, I am for real. I'm talking in terms of reality not fantasy like you are and IN REALITY you're not gonna get a better set from them right now. As for nothing off KIMB who the fuck cares anymore? They hardly play anything off it anyways, so why get all pissed about them not playing something off an album that rarely gets represented in the sets?

The arguement is old so just move on. I'm not trying to be an ass here but when you know something's not gonna happen why would you keep on hoping that it will? Also the 20th anniversary of RIP is way more important than the 25th of KIMB. RIP had way more impact on influence than KIMB ever will.
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