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Bands that make you want to start a band

Alright, Cameron and I have discussed this after concerts in the past, but for the rest of you: aren't there just some bands who, whether they're your favorites, or whether you even necessarily love them, make you want to start a band? They make it look like something that you could feasibly do, and have fun doing. Just curious if anyone else has bands like that, that after listening to them or seeing them live, you say "Damn, I should be doing this."

For me, these are the big ones:

-Lungs: Dayton post-rock outfit that do the loud-soft thing at a perfectly acceptable degree of awesomeness. They won't make any top 10 lists, but they have fans and people get that emotional rush at their shows.
-Krisiun: It's not particularly amazing death metal, but they're such energetic and great live performers, and they steer clear of all the "br00tal" as well as overly technical temptations inherent in the genre today.
-Off With Their Heads: Catchy, hooky, simple, honest punk rock with great workingmens' lyrics and mosh-ready energy.
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