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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
How can Slayer fans find something to complain about in a slayer set when they did all of Seasons in The Abyss.
When bands play a whole album live, every song on that whole album better be damn perfect. Seasons is a great album but not every song is perfect, or good for that matter... My problem is that they could be playing better songs from their catalouge rather than the mediocre songs from Seasons.

Originally Posted by Maidenmagic View Post
I didn't even know they were playing Payback on this tour. I guess I didn't look at the other set close enough. It's a good song to sing along to.
Hell Awaits and Chemical Warfare should be mandatory. I don't really care about Cult. Christ Illusion songs are just mediocre.
"Cult" isn't fun to sing along to?
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