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The girl I know who is friends with TWBD bailed on me so I didn't go to the show. I've said it before Jaxx fukkin blows. Why add another local opener and cut time from the headlining band? They do it every time. TWBD should begin the night and get 25 min tops!

If I drove that hour and 15 min and didn't hear Christploitation I would have gone APESHIT! Kinda glad I have a free hookup to see them at Recher Theatre because we'll get a full set there. They never add shitty bands to sell more drinks either.

I actually like the newest TWBD cd but the guy does ramble way too much on stage. He was annoying as hell at Devildriver and I told him why not play 1 more song and cut that shit out. Apparently he didn't listen to my opinion.

I really like old Prong. Not sure they fit well on this bill but the Beg to Differ CD is still one of my favorite cd's. New Silent Civilian is pretty damn good so I know I would have enjoyed them. Just hard to listen to Prong after them really so I can see why Prong would bore you, especially if they played mostly newer stuff.

I guess I'm glad I didn't make it now. Recher blows Jaxx away sound-wise too.
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