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Slayer -- London, England -- June 3rd, 2010


1. World Painted Blood
2. Jihad
3. Hate Worldwide
4. Disciple
5. Beauty Through Order
6. War Ensemble
7. Blood Red
8. Spirit in Black
9. Expendable Youth
10. Dead Skin Mask
11. Hallowed Point
12. Skeletons of Society
13. Temptation
14. Born of Fire
15. Seasons in the Abyss
16. Mandatory Suicide
17. Raining Blood
18. Aggressive Perfector
19. Encore:
19. South of Heaven
20. Angel of Death

They played Seasons in its entirety, as you can see. I don't think this is gonna be their set for the rest of the tour because this was their 2nd night in London, though. They probably wanted to change things up in that case.

Which SUCKS for me...I'm gonna see them in Milan, Italy on June 30th, which is their 2nd night there...

Don't get me wrong, I love "Spirit in Black," but I love "Silent Scream" more (and they also dropped "Cult," "Payback," "Hell Awaits," and "Chemical Warfare" )

...BTW, they've been playing the same setlist so far, aside from dropping "Silent Scream" and "Payback" in Nottingham.
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