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Originally Posted by BrutalN00dle View Post
The first band on the tour set up, Thy Will Be Done. And they were awful. A bunch of half-ass "brutal" riffs and breakdowns, the singer wouldn't shut the fuck up, eating at least 5 minutes of set time, and he kept like, stroking me. I'm not in to dudes so I wasn't really cool with that, and then they ended their set with the intro to Raining Blood, the least they could do is play the full song.
Oof. They were so annoying when I saw them in January. At the end of every song the frontman would just be all "FUCK YEAH WE READY TO SEE FUCKING DEVILDRIVER?!?!" a lot. At one point I just shouted "HAIL SATAN!"at them, and the frontman just looked at me and fanned the air. Pfft. The 'Raining Blood' section is the only commendable part of their set, then they go into one of their shitty songs. I just facepalmed and hoped that Goatwhore and Suffocation would take the stage faster...
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