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Fear Factory -- Springfield, VA -- June 3rd, 2010

Fear Factory:

Acres of Skin
Fear Campaign
Self Bias Restricter
Zero Signal

I'm going to say upfront that this show was a disappointment.

To begin, a pretty good local band, called Loculus, but nobody on the internet cares about that. The first band on the tour set up, Thy Will Be Done. And they were awful. A bunch of half-ass "brutal" riffs and breakdowns, the singer wouldn't shut the fuck up, eating at least 5 minutes of set time, and he kept like, stroking me. I'm not in to dudes so I wasn't really cool with that, and then they ended their set with the intro to Raining Blood, the least they could do is play the full song.

Next, Silent Civilian, a metalcore band. To be honest, they weren't nearly as awful as they could've been; in fact, when they weren't doing breakdowns, they had some killer riffs and solos, however forgettable. And that's the best word to describe their performance: forgettable.

Prong was boring as hell, but the guitar work was really nice and off the wall, but they didn't have the charisma to actually make it work. The vocalist wouldn't headbang or anything, and stood flat-footed the whole time, and didn't really try with his vocals. So the Fear Campaign Tour is 0/3 so far, and just the headliner remains.

The legendary Fear Factory, with the even more legendary Gene Hoglan manning the drum kit. Alas, not even The Atom Clock could save this performance. The entire band looked incredibly bored and appeared like they just wanted the tour to be over. The Mechanize songs were the only ones performed with a hint of passion, especially "Fear Campaign", but other than that, a really puny guitar tone, and bored performance just left a sour taste in my mouth.

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