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Dio Virtual Memorial Show -- Tuesday, June 15th -- 8pm EST -- Official Thread

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 @ 8pm Eastern Standard Time.

The Virtual Show will take place here in this topic at that time. The show will probably last close to 3 hours, so plan accordingly. The show will be focused mostly on Dio's solo career, but also have a sizable helping of Black Sabbath and Rainbow classics. Don't miss it!

Edit: And I plan to play tracks from a wide variety of albums. Only 3 Dio/Rainbow/Sabbath albums will not have a song in this setlist. I just wanted to let people know, it's not just gonna be a more standard "hits" type of show. If anyone wants any specifics, contact me privately and I'll dish, but I don't want to do it publicly, for those who want to be surprised.

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