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Originally Posted by Div View Post
diets are just fads, even if they work youll just put the weight back on when you go back to your old habits once you reach your target zone. in order to be truly healthy you need a lifestyle change, not a diet. you really need to just grow out of the junk food stage and not eat that stuff anymore. eating a donut and then punishing yourself with cardio isnt healthy, and i think running is extremely overrated anyway. all that makes you do is end up gasping for air and feeling exhausted, i hate that feeling, who would want to do that to themselves?

im what most people would consider lean, i have 11% body fat and i really dont do any chronic cardio at all. eat properly and your body will look how its supposed to on its own.
Well, easier said than done, man. We live in America. It's a culture of excess that has given us thousands of unnecessary, delicious, unhealthy foods. Maybe it was easy for you to say you were done with junk food and move onto grilled red meats and green vegetables or whatever it is, but I'm sorry, I presently believe that buffalo wings are the greatest food ever, and in sixty years, I'm going to believe the same goddamn thing. Yeah, my body and I are going to be in an eternal struggle until the day I die, but that's the price you pay in this world.
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