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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
I am hearing pretty much unanimously good reviews for Wolfbrigade and Blood Duster. Any album recs for either?
So far for Wolfbrigade I only heard Comalive and Prey to the World, both are incredible and really introduced me to the crust/d-beat side of hardcore, which suits perfectly with my taste. Blood Duster I haven't listened to much on CD. They are alright but I really don't think they would have been as fun if the MDF-board guys didn't plan all that.

Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post

Thanks for the review man I've been looking for some reviews.
That really sucks you couldn't go on Sunday . When I looked at the lineup, that day was the best by far. Sounds like you still had a killer time, though.
Nah, Saturday was more than enough for me with Asphyx, Autopsy and Wolfbrigade especially. Sunday I would have most loved to see Captain Cleanoff, Converge and From Ashes Rise.
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