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This sounds really damn hard.... awesome. Best part about this is that I won't need gym access (which I don't have because I don't feel like paying for gym just for until I go back to school at the end of august... especially since the closest one to me is way expensive). I'm trying to run more often, again, since I've gotten fat since I stopped , so I may just pick this up 'cause it sounds fun.

The hardest part about being healthy though is definitely eating. Especially if you're living at home with your family. Way hard. Even crappy college food is still under your complete control when you're away at school (though I'm not sure how many states besides NY actually mandate nutritional information about everything being readily available). At home, you mostly forfeit that control.

afterthought: kinda funny, I'm almost the exact midpoint of my weight from my fattest to fittest right now. I went from 196lbs to 155lbs over the first two years of college, and nowadays I'm around 177lbs.
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