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Asphyx set is out of order obvs.

My review of what I saw this weekend.
Day 1:
Tombs - Decent but nothing great. 3/5
Malignancy - Lead singer was trying to get people to form a circle pit...left. 2/5
Jesus Crost - There was a circle pit already during sound check. This two piece duo was really something. Vocalist/guitarist is quite the comedian and has some vocal range. 5/5
Nazxul - Wasn't planning on watching them but Possessed not playing bumped the time slot up a bit, fitting perfectly with my free time. They were actually really great. 3 basses and 1 guitarist all backing eachother and playing the perfect walls of sound. True black metal spirit. And there was this funny guy moshing during their set lol. 4/5
Watain - Only band in the entire fest I could not get up close for. Was originally planning on watching a couple minutes then go inside for Trap Them but no...Watched a few songs, they sucked, went outside for Gorguts more entertaining sound check. 2/5
Gorguts - Phenomenal. I don't even really like them that much on cd but they were fantastic live. Also had the best sound of all outside bands. 5/5
Gride - Really great. Mixing hardcore with old school punk riffs. 4/5
Unfortunately I had to leave early and didn't get to see Coffins or D.R.I. =(

Day 2:
Ingrowing - Great set. Great energy. Got the crowd going. Yea. 4/5
Fang - They were decent. The side lot stage fucking sucked between that slanted shit and dealing with the sun, would have liked to see more of them but left a couple songs in. 3/5
The Chasm - Not as great live as they are on cd. Had technical problems unfortunately. 3/5
Impaled - Amazing. At this point the ac was turned on inside. Watched them from the perfect spot. There was this crazy guy in a pig mask moshing next to me and this other annoying girl screaming her lungs out in back of me. haha good stuff but way too short set - 5/5
Blood Duster - Most entertaining set of the weekend. The MDF-Board crew brought out hundreds of glow sticks and blow up animals and threw them around the room. Both band and crowd loved it. Guards were pissed. An inflatable cock getting sucked in the circle pit and by the band. Epic. 5/5
Incantation - Good but really boring. No one moshed. Old school fans just felt the moment or some shit. 3/5
Repulsion - I'm not much of a fan of them but they were pretty good. 4/5
Asphyx - Blew me away. 5/5
Autopsy - Was worn after Asphyx so I ate some chips and lied down while listening to them. Even that was amazing. It sounded so evil, like a dark presence straight from hell was among us. Eventually moved closer to the stage to see their killer set with my very own eyes. Perfect. 5/5
Deceased - Again, got a great spot where the AC was cooling me and watched their set. It was pretty fun. Then they closed with a cover of Dio's Stand Up and Shout =). 4/5
Wolfbrigade - Possibly the best set of the weekend. I got slayed. 5/5
Was curious about Portal's set but there was no way they would top Wolfbrigade so I just left.

Day 3:
Was terribly sick and didn't go at all =(
Planned to at least catch From Ashes Rise at the end but it never happened. ah well hopefully they play next year....and Captain Cleanoff and Wolfbrigade come back.
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