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Originally Posted by BlashyrkhMR101 View Post
Nirvana 2002 got back together just to play MDF and their first show ever outside of Sweden and they get 6 songs? Come on. Still, I wish I would've been there for this.
Yeah, their set got cut short because of a lot of different issues. HOWEVER:

Ryan said "Anyway, I'm not against giving this another go, if you're up for it." in the thread where one of the N2002 members was talking about the technical issues and mentioned how they definitely want to do atleast one more show in the States before closing the lid on the band, to have a proper sendoff here (Here), so N2002 might do next years MDF.

Which would be really cool, since I might be able to make next year my first MDF, assuming the lineup doesn't suck (which it won't.)
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