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Ghost Brigade -- Munich, Germany -- May 23rd, 2010

This was part of the INSOMNIUM / GHOST BRIGADE Co-Headlining tour.
Support act was NAHEMAH from Spain. Although I really like "The Second Philosophy", NAHEMAH were rather disappointing. The set focused mainly on "A New Constellation" which is pretty lame in comparison to "The Second Philosophy", and besides, the clean vocals weren't that good either. Maybe they'll do better next time...

Setlist NAHEMAH:
01. Much Us
02. Follow Me - OR - Reaching The Stars | I'm not sure which one they played...if I had to guess it would be the latter one
03. Labyrinthe Straight Ways
04. Nothing
05. The Perfect Depth Of The Mermaids
06. Under The Morning Rays
07. Smoke´s Men
08. The Trip

Next up were INSOMNIUM which were quite okay at first, but after a while their songs became really repetitive. Furthermore the triggered drums sounded absolutely terrible...I really hate that kind of shit...
As to their set, there were two songs I couldn't make out on the setlist. But I found the following order on


01. Intro
02. Down With The Sun
03. Drawn to Black
04. The Killjoy
05. Where The Last Wave Broke
06. The Harrowing Years
07. The Day It All Came Down | (the actual setlist said "Rwmar I"
08. Daughter of the Moon
09. The Gale
10. Mortal Share | (the actual setlist saif "Mokkis"
11. Devoid of Caring
12. Weighed Down With Sorrow

GHOST BRIGADE were headlining in Munich and well, what should I say? It was pure awesomeness from the beginning to the end. What an incredible of this year's best shows so far. "Into The Black Light" killed me.

01. Hold On Thin Line
02. My Heart Is A Tomb
03. Into The Black Light
04. Lost In A Loop
05. Suffocated
06. Secrets Of The Earth
07. 22:22 - Nihil
08. Architect Of New Beginnings
09. Rails At The River
10. A Storm Inside
11. Autoemotive

You can find some pictures of the show here:
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